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Hi, my name is Kirk Markarian and I'm a music composer for video games, film, and animations. I compose solely electronic music, no classical/neo-classical. My website is located here: http://www.kirkmarkarian.net. Thanks for checking out my works!


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Posted by KirkMarkarian - April 30th, 2019

Love the sound of tuned filterbanks! Ambient music from the inside! All @Renoise with the help of Michael Norris’ Spectral Filter Audio Units.


Posted by KirkMarkarian - February 9th, 2019

I've been pushing forward in the field of stock music here: Songtradr

It's becoming an easier way to get my music out to the public, and allows me to display a much larger take of the types of music that I can actually compose, versus simply blockading myself into the electronic music field only. Along with that, Songtradr has really upped my distribution capabilities, to get my music out to more people quickly (Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, etc.).

So, if you're looking for even more examples of what I can do, and are interested in learning a bit more about music distribution in general, Songtradr is definitely one direction to go!

Posted by KirkMarkarian - July 16th, 2018

Posted by KirkMarkarian - February 12th, 2018


Posted by KirkMarkarian - January 16th, 2018

It's been a good long while since I participated here on Newgrounds.  I had an excellent year between the very end of 2016 through 2017.  I composed for 17+ video games - two of those games are for sale on Steam.  I earned enough to pay my bills and now I'm hunting for new projects.  

Through intense work with both synthesis and field recording, I was able to make a ton of new music, as well as learn new methods for production.  I also made a lot of great connections through my clients.  It was an excellent year!

Alright, back to work, just want to say "Thanks, Newgrounds" for being here.  It's a nice place to meet new people and make new connections.

Posted by KirkMarkarian - October 29th, 2016

After much consideration, I've gone ahead and split my portfolio between Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  All of my materials that have been composed for projects (thusly not for sale) have been moved to Soundcloud -


Albums that were once "insanely priced" at $1,000 no longer exist at my Bandcamp account -


Website's been updated to reflect these changes as well:  http://www.kirkmarkarian.net

Posted by KirkMarkarian - October 20th, 2016

Note:  Before you ask my why the soundtracks I have posted on Bandcamp are $1,000 - they're not for sale.  it's a portfolio.  I can't sell those tracks because I don't own the rights to them to sell.  They are for video games, films, etc.  I also don't want to use Soundcloud, I don't like it.

I have new tracks to share from my portfolio here:  

Website:  https://sloppyware.com/2016/10/16/big-contentsystems-update/
Soundtrack:  https://kirkmarkarian.bandcamp.com/album/video-game-wetware
SFX:  https://kirkmarkarian.bandcamp.com/album/video-game-sfx-wetware

This project has been a real blast!  I'm looking forward to working with the game developer, Ryan Jones, on the future of this project.  In the meantime, I have plenty of time to work on new soundtracks and SFX.  Feel free to contact me via email (kirkmarkarian.net@gmail.com) or PM here on Newgrounds!