Been gone for a while!

2018-01-16 09:42:29 by KirkMarkarian

It's been a good long while since I participated here on Newgrounds.  I had an excellent year between the very end of 2016 through 2017.  I composed for 17+ video games - two of those games are for sale on Steam.  I earned enough to pay my bills and now I'm hunting for new projects.  

Through intense work with both synthesis and field recording, I was able to make a ton of new music, as well as learn new methods for production.  I also made a lot of great connections through my clients.  It was an excellent year!

Alright, back to work, just want to say "Thanks, Newgrounds" for being here.  It's a nice place to meet new people and make new connections.


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2018-01-16 09:47:24

Welcome Back!