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My name is Kirk Markarian, and over the past couple of years I've developed a new moniker as Neuro... No Neuro, and I now produce electronic music primarily under that name. Abstract, electronic, microsound, lowercase music.

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Focusing heavily on stock music!

Posted by KirkMarkarian - February 9th, 2019

I've been pushing forward in the field of stock music here: Songtradr

It's becoming an easier way to get my music out to the public, and allows me to display a much larger take of the types of music that I can actually compose, versus simply blockading myself into the electronic music field only. Along with that, Songtradr has really upped my distribution capabilities, to get my music out to more people quickly (Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, etc.).

So, if you're looking for even more examples of what I can do, and are interested in learning a bit more about music distribution in general, Songtradr is definitely one direction to go!

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Interesting, main ones i keep getting told about are audiojungle and pond5, the former often getting accused of being capricious/arbitrary with their curation compared to the latter.

How's songtradr treating you so far?

It's a slow process, just like Pond5. I'm still not selling anything worth mentioning, but it's more of an "opportunities" sort of site, along with posting my music there. I can post any of my music with no issues - there's no curators for that. The curators come in when you want to participate in client requests.

Say a client wants a track that sounds like "artist x". You have a few days (usually) to come up with a track. Then you submit it and hope for the best. All the while, the tracks you put up are part of a larger search engine. If you label your tracks right, and use some decent artwork, you'll get the attention of those searching for whatever music they're looking for.

It's not better or worse, it's a crapshoot just any of the other sites. I just enjoy it for its slightly wider acceptance rate. For example, I FINALLY got one track accepted to Pond5. One. Two years ago, everything I put in got rejected. I spent that time learning how to semi-master my audio, to make it sound more like whatever is considered "commercial" these days. It's not perfect, but it's better than it was before. On Songtradr, I get a bit more attention that I would on Pond5 or Audiojungle. Also, Songtradr has some extra perks where they push your music to Spotify, Youtube, etc (like 75 other audio retailers). All ways to earn some sort of money.