Entry #2

Alright, Bandcamp Prices are Reasonable!

2016-10-29 19:44:20 by KirkMarkarian

After much consideration, I've gone ahead and split my portfolio between Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  All of my materials that have been composed for projects (thusly not for sale) have been moved to Soundcloud -


Albums that were once "insanely priced" at $1,000 no longer exist at my Bandcamp account -


Website's been updated to reflect these changes as well:  http://www.kirkmarkarian.net


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2017-06-01 22:23:36

are you entering NGADM this year?

KirkMarkarian responds:

I hadn't considered it, I've been doing a lot of game jams recently. What exactly is NGDAM?


2017-06-02 12:01:05


KirkMarkarian responds:

Nah, I'm gonna be working on other things - thanks for letting me know about it, though!