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Good point!

I like the way the character outlines flex - would be neat to see a version of this made with vector animation software!

This is really great animation work - great timing and expression!

hexic54 responds:

Thank you, appreciate your words! :-)

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I like the sound of the L.A. Synthesis in the pads!

Kryomax responds:

Thank you, I made this whole song in FL Studio(as I do with most of my stuff). Although I'm heavily into Industrial, goth, and pretty much the whole dark side of alternative music, ambient electronic music has a special place in my heart thanks to all the old ass ps2 games I played. I'm also really into cyberpunk and sci-fi and more than a few films/animes have featured music similar to this. I just drew inspiration from that and made this little song.

This is some bizarre music!

Hot Damn! Nice guitar work! Nice work all around - 2:43 is FRENETIC! I'm a drummer, I dig the way the sound both smacks and tears it up - nice! 15:20 is a beautiful set of melodies working with each other. 15:50 caught me as well, the rising patterns. Great stuff!

JDawg00100 responds:

Wow thanks for listening! :D

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Would love to see this animated, the colors and positioning are great!

My name is Kirk Markarian, and over the past couple of years I've developed a new moniker as Neuro... No Neuro, and I now produce electronic music primarily under that name. Abstract, electronic, microsound, lowercase music.

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